Saturday, December 20, 2014

Smitten Kitten

Greetings Earth People... =)
    Happy Saturday. As the end of the year is slowly creeping up on me I think about what 2014 was for me. All I can say is semi-okay. I mean I thankfully still have a job, and I moved which is good but in general my year kinda sucked. lol I've been working on my "2015" list (a list of everything I wanna do next year) so i'll post that when it's finished. Hopefully that will keep next year from sucking so much haha Good news is Valentine's Day is near which means Fifty Shades of Grey is near which makes me to happy to explain haha So for now get inspired bunnies...



Sunday, October 26, 2014

It's Just A Spark, But It's Enough To Keep Me Going

Ok. So here's the thing. (I hope no one who I work with comes across my blog) haha I am not feeling my job, like at all. I've been going through this....phase? idk lately that I want to quit my everyday. haha But then I wonder what the hell will I do then? My mom would probably be beyond pissed if I come home one day and be like "oh by the way mom I quit my job" lol Aside from that I have no other skills other then what I do for work now. haha This being my first job I never thought working would be like this. I thought it was waking up everyday like Rachel from Friends and going to your job and loving it. (then again I don't work for Ralph Lauren haha) So enough about my boring work life and use this Sunday night to get inspired. =)


Sunday, February 2, 2014

100 Things To Be Happy About. Wildfox Style.

1. Room Service
2. Road Trips To Nowhere In Particular
3. First Kisses
4. Trying To Fit Too Many People In A Photobooth
5. Stepping into the Ocean
6. disco balls
7. Big Crystal Chandeliers
8. Handwritten letters in the mail
9. Hot Cocoa and Marsh Mellows 
10. Palm Tree Lined Streets
11. New Favorite Songs
12. The Last Day of School
13. Wildflowers in your hair
14. Unpacking in a hotel room
15. A phone call from your crush
16. Clothes right out a dryer
17. Lemonade Stands
18. Running through a sprinkler
19. Movie Marathons
20. Glitter nail polish
21. 80's TV Show Theme Songs
22. Little puppies
23. Junk food binges
24. Your favorite baggy t-shirt
25. Coyotes howling at night
26. Good thrift stores
27.Crying from laughing too hard
28. Last minute house parties
29. Breakfast for Dinner
30. Scrunchies
31. Faking an accent really badly
32. Coconut Oil
33. Camping with your new boyfriend
34. Teepees
35. Picking Strawberries
36. Perfect seats at the movies
37. Sound of rain while you're in bed
38. Childhood stuffed animals 
39. Ferris Wheels
40. Decorating your bedroom
41. Getting flowers for no reason
42. A new book
43. Cutting watermelon slices
44. Winning a trophy
45. Embarrassing Karaoke
46. Making Cupcakes
47. Old Rock n' Roll
48. Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches
49. trampolines
50. New pens and pencils
51. Palamino Puppies 
52. Swimming In Hawaii
53. Game Nights
54. Christmas Ornaments
55. First Snowflakes
56. Drinking cold Milk
57. Running Home Barefoot
58. Bikini tan lines
59. Lightning and Thunder in Paris 
60. Perfume sprayed letters
61. 7 Minutes in Heaven
62. Beach Bonfires
63. Pretending you're a mermaid
64. New magazines
65. The Beverly Hills Hotel
66. bunkbeds
67. Sleeping under the stars
68. Huge white towels
69. The sound of the ocean from a vacation
70. Fashion shows
71. Old movies with glamorous stars
72. Old photo albums
73. Eggs sunny side up
74. Driving a moped to a baseball game
75. Falling in love with a friend
76. Butterfly Migration
77. Climbing trees
78. Tiny spoons
79. Driving along the coast
80. Quiet library with your crush
81. High waisted denim shorts
82. four leaf clovers
83. Laurel Canyon
84. Gas station sunglasses
85. toe rings
86. Army Jackets
87. Taking the train
88. Meeting a boy who doesn't speak English
89. Riding home with a box of pizza on your lap
90. Sketching at a French restaurant when it rains
91. Staying somewhere with no hot water!
92. Drive-In Movies
93. BBQ smell in the summertime
94. Soft blankets in bed
95. Bleached hair
96. Striped T's on a yacht 
97. Jumping off the high dive
98. Naming Mix tapes
99. Tie Dye Stained clothing
100. Running through Italy with your best friend