Sunday, October 26, 2014

It's Just A Spark, But It's Enough To Keep Me Going

Ok. So here's the thing. (I hope no one who I work with comes across my blog) haha I am not feeling my job, like at all. I've been going through this....phase? idk lately that I want to quit my everyday. haha But then I wonder what the hell will I do then? My mom would probably be beyond pissed if I come home one day and be like "oh by the way mom I quit my job" lol Aside from that I have no other skills other then what I do for work now. haha This being my first job I never thought working would be like this. I thought it was waking up everyday like Rachel from Friends and going to your job and loving it. (then again I don't work for Ralph Lauren haha) So enough about my boring work life and use this Sunday night to get inspired. =)