Thursday, May 9, 2013

"I don't do drugs, I am drugs" -Salvador Dali

I was in the middle of writing this post yesterday, and i was about to be late for work so i had to save it for today haha I am thinking of starting a vlog. idk i dont really like being on camera but it seems like it would be fun. The title of my post really has nothing to do with my post but i LOVE LOVE Salvador Dali (but i mean who doesnt right lol) so i wanted to put a quote by him as the title of this post. His birthday is in 2 days so expect a picture filled post. lol Random things: I am craving a cheesesteak. And having lived in Philly my whole life i have never been to Pat's Steak, or that other one across the street that competes with it hahaha Another thing I have had Paramore's new ablum "Paramore" on serious repeat (literally like 3 times a day) since i got it the day it came out like a month ago. It's just such an amazing album. But enough of that! Get inspired.


(This post took me forever because i have the slowest computer on planet Earth haha)

Monday, May 6, 2013

Ain't It Fun

I'm Back!!! lol I have been gone a while but thats because i couldnt remember my password for some reason haha Ne ways. Some random stuff, I got a job!!! lol It's not much but something is better than nothing. Can't believe it's May already. Crazy how the months are passing by so quick. I'm gonna be better with posting (im gonna try everyday) because i love my blog even if no one reads it haha. Enough of that. Get inspired. =)

Ok so i wanted to share some of my own pictures of my pets!!! lol

This is Manderz. As you can see she loves the camera. (look at those beautiful eyes!) My brother picked her and we adpoted her. She weighs like 20lbs(no lie) haha We've had her for gonna say 3 years lol

This is Kujo. We've had him for 10 years!! lol He was just a kitten when we got him. He loves sleeping on my head lol or on my pillow. haha

This girly is Frankie. We got her when she was a couple months old, and she's gonna be 2 this summer! We have the same birthday. lol She looks like Scooby Doo. =D

This is Spike. lol We've had him for 5 years. He was a birthday present my mom got for my sister. This is what he does all day. haha
This is Sophie our newest addition. She is my sisters gerbil. She is crazy! But obviously very cute. lol 

This is a picture i took across the street from my house. I love trees. lol
Until next time.