Friday, February 13, 2015

Mr. Grey Will See You Now

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw Fifty Shades of Grey yesterday. lol I got an advanced screening. OK so WARNING THERE MAY BE SPOILERS!!! lol Ok so here it is...
It wasn't as good as the book but I kept reminding myself they couldn't put every scene from the book in the movie. In my opinion Jamie Dornan; I felt like everything he said he was reading from a paper it was like blah no emotion. He seemed really weird cursing and doing the things he was doing. Also I wasn't feeling his American accent. lol Oh and when he said "Laters Baby" = sounded weird out loud haha not like reading it. Dakota Johnson, Slam Dunk. She was the best part of the movie. She was everything I dreamed Ana was going be and more. Now some parts of the movie I was like "why did they put that in, and not (insert cut out scene)". Another thing was Ana had a flip phone haha I just couldn't get over that. In the book Kate lets Christian in after Ana comes back from her run. Movie; he just like breaks in. haha And I felt bad for Dakota because Jamie wasn't naked (they only showed his butt, and "happy trail" haha) and she was naked like all the time. haha Book: Blackberry, Movie: iPhone. which I was sad about because he stressed the Blackberry so much in the book. Dude what was up with Christian and Ana walking in on Kate and Elliot going at it on the couch? haha Red Room = Don't even get me started. Book and movie: why couldn't her mom make her graduation? Her step dad broke his foot not ripped it off. I didn't like that they had Ana say "yes" while on stage at her graduation. I was looking forward to seeing that scene after he met Ana's dad. =(  Kate: mega annoying. Book she wasn't annoying but man in the movie was she annoying. Like seriously mind your business talking about "take it at your own pace" Miss I just jumped in bed with a guy I just met not even 2 hours ago. haha Rita Ora your future is not in acting. 10 minutes total and they were brutal. haha And when he showed her "how bad it could be" he didn't even hit her hard and yet he was sweating. lol Ok i'll stop. Overall I like the book better that's not to say I wont buy the movie just to rewatch it and analyze it better, because there were a bunch of people laughing in the theater (like seriously have u never heard of sex before) and there were girls drink off of spiked Coconut water. haha SO I do recommend seeing it. I am already excited for Fifty Shades Darker. Though Sam Taylor-Johnson just go away please. Upset she signed on for the second one. haha Have fun seeing it if you haven't. Also if you haven't they you shouldn't be reading this! Be surprised! haha Until next time.