Friday, December 7, 2012

My November!

I know i don't share many personal pictures on here. (only of my cat i think haha) Well i think i'm gonna start. At the end of every month i'm gonna (try) & post the pictures i took from that month. Now i take a lot of pictures because it's what i like to do. lol (all of these pictures are mine lol) And Here We Go...

Election Day!

Mine & my sisters shoes


 Yummy Checkers!

My puppy Frankie!

The Moon

The Moon2

My sister (Kaila) & Isaiah

Kaila & Isaiah in deep conversation lol

Can you smell what the Rock is cooking?

Kaila is suprised to meet Peeta!

I think my friend Isaiah likes CSI Miami & NY! haha

Lady Gaga-Fame

Nicki Minaj (the bottle is cute!)

Display part 2

Michael Kors

The lovely Betsey Johnson

Betsey bags! Cuteness!

Betsey jewlery!

These boxes are seriously the cutest thing ever!!

Betsey Johnson Display 1

Betsey Johnson Display 2

Betsey Johnson Display 3

Betsey Johnson Display 4

Statue of an Eagle in Macys

Macy's Christmas Tree!!!

Christmas Tree!

City Hall

Hard Rock Cafe

Reading Terminal! They literally have everything in here!

H&M Shoe Display

H&M Leather vest

Obsessed w/ this leopard coat from H&M

Me In a Nutshell haha

FREE PEOPLE!!! One of my fav places on the planet!

FreePeople Studded Converse

FreePeople ceiling decor

FP Studded Fringe bag

Jeffrey Campbell

FreePeople Wall display. I can seriously live in here. lol

Wall Decor

FreePeople Second Floor view

Ugh!! NEED! lol

FreePeople Leather Peplum Top

Jeffrey Campbell!

Creepy stairs in McDonalds lol

haha Darn. I was gonna go their next week! lol

Trees =)

David Beckham. ;)


Frankie! She just woke up. haha

Sally's! I need to have my hair yellow!


My favorite skater David Gonzalez liked my pic on Instagram! haha

Thanksgiving!!! =)

Frankie, Manderz, & Kujo.

Yummy Dunkin!

My beautiful little cousin Kaamillah!

My other beautiful cousins Tina, & Bubbles.
 Some sketches I did for my sister.
SO! I started taking pictures for december already! lol And i'm going to The Hobbit premier on Friday!!! SO EXCITED! lol So i'll have pictures of that in a future post of my December Pictures post.

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