Friday, November 9, 2012

Y Am I Doing This Quiz?

Name: Kelsie
Date of Birth: 6/26/1992
Birthplace: Philly
Current Location: Philly
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5'7
Heritage: Spanish
Piercings: Ears, i've been saying i wanna pierce my nose or septum but i'm 2 chicken lol
Tattoos: Nope, needles r scary weird haha
Band/Singer: Band: Uh...this is hard haha Right now i'm gonna have to say Paramore / Singer: i'm gonna have to of right now Jason Aldean =)
Song: omg so hard! haha It changes everyday. Today it's: Missy Elliot-Work It haha
Movie: Grease, hands down.
TV show: Skins
Color: Yellow
Food: Panera Bread
Pizza topping: cheese
Ice-Cream Flavor: Vanilla
Drink (alcoholic): Does beer count?
Soda: PEPSI!!
Store: Tiffany's DUH!, lol & vintage/thrift stores =)
Clothing Brand: Betsey Johnson, BlackMilk, Wildfox, Unif, Alexander Wang, Jason Wu, Marc Jacobs, Valentino ect.
Shoe Brand: Jeffrey Campbell, Steve Madden, McQueen, Louboutin, Dr. Martens, T.U.K, Irregular Choice, Y.r.u, Sam Edelman, Substitute ect.
Season: WINTER!!!
Month: December
Holiday/Festival: Easter
Flower: Sun Flower
Make-Up Item: eyeliner
Board game: Life (haha i have 3 different ones lol)  
This or That:
Sunny or rainy: Rainy
Chocolate or vanilla: It depends on the food
Fruit or veggie: Freggie haha
Night or day: Night
Sour or sweet: Sweet. If i eat more than 3 sour candies in a row my mouth goes numb. lol
Love or money: That's a tough one. lol i'll say lovey! =D
Phone or in person: Phone, much easier to get out of unwanted conversation
Looks or personality: Both
Coffee or tea: Iced Coffee, but....i'm gonna start living my life as a Brit to i'll say Tea :)
Hot or cold: Weather & Coffee: COLD! =)
Goal for this year: I don't make goals, because they can be ruined lol
Most missed memory: all of them! I wanna be a kid again
Best physical feature: Hair
First thought waking up: What time is it?
Hypothetical personality disorder: Paranoia… or maybe schizophrenia…. haha
Preferred type of plastic surgery: none.
Sesame street alter ego: Totally Zoe!!
Fairytale alter ego: Pixie Boo Gypsy (my actual alter ego, my sister (Petal Blossom Rainbow) & brother (Flame Rebel Jagger) have one 2! lol)
Most stupid remark: uh? I say a lot of stupid things. lol I should think b4 i tlk.
Worst crime: murder, obviously.
Greatest ambition: To Rule the world! lol
Greatest fear: To fail
Darkest secret: if i told you it wouldn't be a secret ne more ;)
Favorite subject: Math...hahah! Sike Science, i rule & Bio& Chem =D
Strangest received gift: i don't like gifts lol
Worst habit: Biting my nails haha
Do You:
Smoke: uh.....nope =)
Drink: beer lol
Curse: like a sailor
Shower daily: yupperz
Like thunderstorms: they kinda scare me lol
Dance in the rain: yes!
Sing: everyday =)
Play an instrument: uh....does air guitar count? I have a electric guitar & my sister has a  acoustic but my brother is the only one who knows how to semi play. haha
Get along with your parents: I love my MOM!
Wish on stars: yes, but they never come true. haha
Believe in fate: i guess
Believe in love at first sight: happened when i first laied eyes on Ryan Gosling
Can You:
Drive: i don't drive
Sew: sort of, i made a bunch of hair bows one time lol
Cook: not really
Speak another language: i know basoc french words, learning German, yeah i'm cool
Dance: yezzer
Sing: yup
Touch your nose with your tongue: Nope {even though i tried b4 answering lol}
Whistle: yup
Curl your tongue: yes
Have You Ever:
Eaten Sushi: Yes Umi Sake is my jaaaam! Crispy spicy tuna!
Been in Love: no
Skipped school: yes, it's weird how i used to skip middle skool more than high skool haha
Made prank calls: haha yes, they shouldn't deliver the White Pages to my house haha
Sent someone a love letter: nope
Stolen something: haha yes
Cried yourself to sleep: nope
Other Questions:
What annoys you most in a person? - People who swear they are good looking (when they are not) then say others are ugly. haha
Are you right or left handed? - Right
What is your bedtime? -Don't have one. Usually i eventually fall asleep around 4am. Then i'm on & off until 9am
Name three things you can’t live without: Music, Fashion, Family
What is the color of your room? Floral lol
Do you have any siblings? yup 2, older sister (& fellow blogger Kaila), & younger brother (AJ)
Do you have any pets? - Yes, 2 Dogs [Frankie & Spike], and 2 Cats [Kujo & Manderz]
Would you kill someone you hate for a million dollars? - haha no
What is you middle name? - Don't have one
What are you nicknames? - Kels, (i guess lol)
Are you for or against gay marriage?  FOR!!! EQUAL RIGHTS!!! 100%!
What are your thoughts on abortion? I am pro-choice, but I personally wouldn’t abort.
Do you have a crush on anyone? - I have a crush on everyone haha
Are you afraid of the dark? -sort of
How do you want to die? - in my sleep
What is the largest amount of popsicles that you have eaten on one day? - 5 maybe lol
Would you take a bullet for the one you love? - yes
What is the last law you’ve broken? - public nudity haha jk jk
In a Member of the Opposite Sex:
Hair color: don't care
Eye color:  don't care
Height:  Taller than me lol
Weight: Slender
Most important physical feature: Hair, Teeth, obviously 6 pack. =)
Biggest turn-off: cockyness

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